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“Tangio has produced force and position sensors for my musical products for a number of years. They currently make the drum pad force sensors and the force/position sensors for my Tempest drum machine, and most recently produce my sensor design for my expressive musical controller LinnStrument, which senses 3 dimensions of movement independently for all simultaneous touches. Over the years they have refined their sensors to be sufficiently accurate and repeatable in production for musical applications— the most demanding market for force and position sensing—so all other markets are a slam dunk for them. I highly recommend Tangio for any force and position sensor needs.” - Roger Linn, Roger Linn Design  

We came to Tangio with a desire to improve on available FSR options for our products, and they were able to develop top notch sensors for us with a quick and painless development phase.  Their pricing is excellent and the quality and performance meet our exacting standards with ease.  I highly recommend them for OEM product integration." - Geoff Larson, Intuitive Motion Inc



 "The team at Tangio was incredibly helpful and also interested in making sure that they understood every aspect of our product needs. Our meetings with Tangio were one of the best dealings we have had with a contract design and manufacturing house out of the dozen others we interact with. They went beyond what was expected of them by returning to the drawing table numerous times to make certain they were meeting our needs. We really appreciated all of the suggestions and ideas that the team proposed and their accommodation to our requests. Their efforts are an integral part of our success story!"  -   Lukas-Karim Merhi, MENRVA Laboratory, SFU




 Your extraordinary effort paid off with successful parts. LiveScribe were blown away with the effort you put into making the parts for them. The challenge of making such a small device with this very low actuation force of 15 grams is quite an accomplishment!  - Franklin Eventoff, Sensitronics, LLC