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Capacitive touch sensing can be found in countless applications across the globe today and is familiar to anyone who owns a Smartphone or Tablet.

With wide scale adoption starting over a decade ago, Capacitive touch has been deployed in a myriad of products and markets including cellphones, vehicle interiors, consumer electronics and kitchen appliances. It offers light (zero-force) touch-sensing and the ability to detect approach through proximity sensing. In fact, Capacitive can detect and measure anything that is conductive or has a dielectric different from air.

We like Capacitive sensing at Tangio! Unlike our competitors in the resistive force touch market we believe it has a role in many modern HMI implementations. The combination of Capacitive and Force can be a winning formula in a wide range of applications.

Using decades of experience in printed electronics, Tangio can offer customers fully customised Capacitive sensing solutions. Perhaps as a stand alone sensor or integrated with other sensor types into a custom module or complete front-panel solution.