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Revolutionise The UI & UX In Your Next Product With 3D Multi-Touch NEO

Currently the ultimate expression of resistive force sensing, Multi-Touch Resistive is a genuinely game-changing technology enabling next-generation human-machine-interfaces (HMI).

Multi-touch is familiar to anyone with a Smartphone or Tablet. The ability to manipulate applications, files and images with the use of two or more fingers. Powering gestures like pinch/zoom, image rotation and multi-finger app closure.

Existing multi-touch solutions are typically enabled by capacitive sensing. Several smartphones also offer pseudo force-sensing, generally using the displaced capacitive method. However, capacitive technology cannot offer multi-finger detection with independent force reported on each touch.

Now with Tangio's Multi-Touch NEO solution it's possible to detect multiple touch points with simultaneous position (X-Y) and force (Z).

Multi-Touch NEO is an end-to-end solution comprising sensor, hardware electronics and system firmware. NEO offers many compelling advantages including:

- Low Power

- Gloved hand use

- Use under multiple cover materials including metals

- Immune to EMI and water events

- 3D Gestures capable

Tangio is the global market leader multi-touch resistive sensing and the only supplier in serial mass production with hundreds of thousands already shipped. Our experience spans sensor diameters from a few cm to around three quarters of a meter.

We work with customers to realise their 3D multi-touch needs through custom designed mass-production sensors. Our TPE-3000 NEO evaluation/demonstration system is available to purchase from our online store.