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TPE-900 Series 3D Multi-Touch Evaluation Sensors

Resistive 3D Multi-Touch sensors unlock the next generation of advanced tactile HMI (Human Machine Interface). Multiple touch points can now be simultaneously detected for both position and variable force. Low-power, immune to EMI, gloved-hand and passive stylus compatible, slimline, rugged and deployable under multiple top-surface materials including plastics, rubber, metals and laminates.

Tangio was a pioneer in this area of advanced touch sensing and now ships hundreds of thousands of units annually. Better still, we can supply either a stand-alone sensor or integrate additional functions or features to your desired specification.

Following our philosophy of "Affordable Innovation" we offer our TPE-900 evaluation sensors at a market leading price point. 

Both Shunt and Thru mode sensors can be used with the "Snowboard" Force Sensor Controller to evaluate and demonstrate the power of 3D Multi-Touch on your PC in minutes.

Tangio helps its customers to realise their 3D Multi-Touch needs with custom designed mass-production sensors. Contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements.