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Tangio Set to Launch Translucent Force Sensors in the First Quarter

Tangio Set to Launch Translucent Force Sensors in the First Quarter

The Force Sensing Resistor market rarely see's genuine innovation, but Tangio breaks the mold again by announcing its third major breakthrough in as many quarters.

Following-on from the mass commercialisation of its revolutionary 3D Multi-Touch sensors in mainstream applications mid 2016, and the high-performance TPE-500 "single-point" range in November, Tangio now anticipates the launch of the first commercially available Translucent Force Sensor towards the end of this quarter.

“Our translucent sensor addresses multiple applications where FSR’s were previously dismissed because of illumination challenges” noted Robin Jeffries, President of Tangio. “This will compliment our existing range of high-performance force sensors and expand our Sales Available Market. We are excited to engage new applications and new customers with this unique and innovative solution.”

“From the outset we pursued a translucent rather than transparent solution” stated Mark Graham, Tangio’s Head of Development. “Transparent dictates the use of ITO as the electrode material which is both expensive and difficult to process. Our translucent printed sensor has optical performance tailored to the target applications and is easy to process making it cost effective for mass production.”

Currently in the final stages of characterisation and alpha customer assessment, Tangio anticipates beta sampling and initial data sheets later this quarter. We invite you to contact us via our homepage to lodge early interest in this latest innovation from Tangio.

About Tangio Printed Electronics

Tangio, the Printed Electronics division of Sytek Enterprises Inc, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of custom and standard force sensing solutions. From simple high performance "single point" FSR sensors, through to state-of-the-art 3D multi-touch resistive sensors and other novel innovations in printed electronics. Tangio offers unrivalled levels of integration, enabling customers to add value and reduce costs in their supply chain and get to market quicker. Tangio’s philosophy of “Affordable Innovation” enables OEM’s and Tiers to deploy next generation HMI solutions in their products today. Tangio is a global company, with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and strategically positioned internal and partner sites in Europe, SE Asia, and India, supporting a rapidly expanding customer base. For more information go to www.tangio.ca


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