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Catch us at The NAMM Show in January, 2015

Tangio Printed Electronics will be attending The NAMM Show in Anaheim, January 22nd - 25th, 2015.  If you plan on being there, give us a call.

Over 20 products being featured at this year's show were built or prototyped at Tangio Printed Electronics.  The NAMM show is a great place for us to meet with our customers, and get introduced to musical inventors we haven't met before.

The category of Expressive Controllers and more generally, Synthesizers, has exploded recently, with companies like Roger Linn DesignM-AudioROLI, and Livid Instruments coming out with new and improved devices to make amazing music on.

It should be interesting to see what gets debuted at the show, what rumours turn out to be true, and who sells out of their product first.  The NAMM Show.  Always fascinating.