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Heading to NAMM - force sensors in 2016!

Heading to NAMM - force sensors in 2016!

It has been some time since we last wrote in the Tangio blog, but that is primarily because we have been busy!  Our customers in the consumer electronics and musical instrument industries have been gearing up for the CES and NAMM events in January, so we have been busy building sensor assemblies for their early pre-orders, and scheduling offshore production to meet demand that is predicted to skyrocket, post-release, at the trade shows this quarter.

We had the thrill of exhibiting at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA show this past November in Santa Clara, CA. Suffice to say, that it was a great show for us to attend and we had a lot of people to talk to.  We re-connected with some old friends and we talked a lot about force-sensing with some big name brands in a number of industries. Here is some great video footage from the show! 



In the meantime, a few mentions of things we've been reading and really enjoying over the past few months.  Really, these are all links to the writing that Ben Einstein has been doing at Bolt.io.  Also, we highly recommend Medium.com as a way to find great content.  Ben really demystifies the whole process of hardware development. The lessons, best practices, warnings and solutions that Ben teaches are truly the next best thing to slogging it through yourself and learning firsthand... it at least may make that first time a bit less painful than it would have been.

Ben Einstein on The Illustrated Guide to Product Development: Part 3: Engineering

Ben Einstein on Hardware by the numbers: Part 1: Team & Prototyping

Ben Einstein on Hardware by the numbers: Part 2: Financing and Manufacturing 

Also referred to in the articles above, the Dragon Innovation Standard Bill of Materials Google Sheets Add-in


Back to the topic of this blog, yes, NAMM 2016!  We will be there this year, so if you are working on an expressive musical instrument, we would love to meet you and learn about how we can help.

Please email info@tangio.ca 

We will be in touch again soon.  Have a great 2016!