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Tangio Formally Announces Multi-Touch NEO

Tangio Formally Announces Multi-Touch NEO

Over recent years Tangio has firmly established a global leadership position in Resistive 3D Multi-Touch sensors, with hundreds of thousands shipped to multiple mass production applications. Today, Tangio further elevates its position in the space with the launch of Multi-Touch NEO, its in-house developed turnkey solution.

NEO is a scalable platform concept which includes sensor, hardware electronics interface and firmware. This end-to-end solution enables Tangio customers to deploy 3D Multi-Touch in their upcoming products quickly and affordably. No longer will they have to develop their own hardware electronics or firmware.

Neil Jarvie, Tangio's VP of Marketing & Business Development commented, "our leadership position in Multi-Touch resistive sensors was unchallenged, but we lacked the interface solution that many customers required. NEO was developed from a customer perspective, making it easily scalable and most importantly affordable. Both were key issues our customers complained were not delivered by our competitors." He concluded, "the team that delivered NEO has over three decades combined experience in Multi-Touch sensing, which resulted in the most flexible and cost-effective solution in market today."

Experience NEO for yourself with Tangio's new TPE-920 demonstration/evaluation board, available to purchase today.


fuZion Hybrid Technology Demonstrator Launched

fuZion Hybrid Technology Demonstrator Launched

We first announced the innovative fuZion hybrid sensor concept around 12 months ago in simultaneous events in Santa Clara and Shenzhen. Now, following extensive development with our Alpha customers, Tangio is pleased to announce the public launch of TPE-2001, its fuZion technology evaluation/demonstration platform.

The latest fuZion solution incorporates several subtle but important changes that add flexibility, configurability and reliability in the application. Based on Cypress Semiconductor's ever flexible PSoC platform, this single board solution showcases the next generation HMI capabilities now deliverable with Tangio's innovative technology.

Neil Jarvie, Tangio's VP of Marketing & Business Development stated, "fuzion was the obvious natural progression in HMI technology. Combining the ever popular capacitive touch sensing with the force sensing capabilities of resistive sensors was both obvious and ingenious! Fuzion delivers "above, on, and 'below' sensing", detecting user approach, touch on a surface, then variable force. The HMI possibilities enabled by fuzion are as varied as they are exciting."

TPE-2001 is now available to purchase from our web store or via your local Tangio Representative.

Tangio to Launch Revolutionary fuZion Sensor on November 15th

Tangio to Launch Revolutionary fuZion Sensor on November 15th

VANCOUVER, Canada, August 25th 2018 – Tangio Printed Electronics, a division of Sytek Enterprises Inc., a global leader in Printed Touch Sensing Solutions, today announces the simultaneous launch of its revolutionary fuZion sensor at two key industry events in November.

Continuing the philosophy of Affordable-Innovation, Tangio is pleased to announce the launch of its fuZion hybrid sensing technology at the IDTechEx show in Santa Clara California, and the China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen China on November 15th.

FuZion merges two complimentary sensing technologies in a way not previously seen, creating new and exciting HMI possibilities.

Neil Jarvie, Tangio's VP of Business Development commented, “the touch market is demarcated along technology lines, with our competitors typically promoting either resistive or capacitive based products. As the leader in printed touch sensing solutions it seemed obvious for Tangio to combine the best of each in a way that offers seamless integration and enables new and innovative HMI solutions.” He continued, "having shown pre-launch demonstrations to several key OEM's and Tiers we're very excited at the overwhelmingly positive feedback!" He concluded, "and of course with over 30 years manufacturing experience, Tangio is launching fuZion as a ready-to-deploy solution, not a piece of slideware!"

Details of the launch events and where to find Tangio can be found here.

About Tangio Printed Electronics

Tangio, the Printed Electronics division of Sytek Enterprises Inc, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of standard and custom touch sensing solutions. From simple high-performance "single point" FSR sensors, through to state-of-the-art 3D multi-touch resistive sensors, capacitive sensors, and other novel innovations in printed electronics. Tangio offers unrivalled levels of integration, enabling customers to add value and reduce costs in their supply chain and get new products to market faster. Tangio’s philosophy of “Affordable Innovation” enables OEM’s and Tiers to deploy next generation HMI solutions in their products today. Tangio is a global company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with strategically located internal and partner sites in Europe, SE Asia, and India, supporting a rapidly expanding customer base. For more information go to www.tangio.ca