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Tangio Launches New Range of Force Sensing Potentiometers

Tangio Launches New Range of Force Sensing Potentiometers

VANCOUVER, Canada, Apr 23rd 2018 – Tangio Printed Electronics, a division of Sytek Enterprises Inc., a global leader in Printed Touch Sensing Solutions, announces the launch of its new TPE-500 series Force Sensing Potentiometers (FSP). 

Following the successful launch of its best-in-class TPE-500 series Force Sensing Resistors in 2016, Tangio further expands the range with a new family of Force Sensing Potentiometers (FSP). These innovative and cost effective sensors simultaneously report touch location and variable force thereby enhancing a wide range of human-machine interfaces with intuitive 2D interactivity. Tangio FSP's are easy to integrate, high resolution, low-power, and ideal for a wide range of applications & markets.

Neil Jarvie, Tangio's VP of Business Development commented, “as with our Force Sensing Resistor range, we went back to the drawing board to define the new FSP family. As a result these sensors combine several compelling features not seen in competing products. Thru-mode construction enhances sensitivity & positional accuracy, and the stylish 'dead-front' design incorporates a shine-through window for optional active or passive illumination.” He concluded, “our new FSP’s can be deployed directly into a commercial application or used for evaluation prior to engaging our full custom design and manufacturing service.”

Data sheets and integration guides for TPE-500 series FSP’s are available to download now from www.tangio.ca with sensors available for purchase in the webstore.

About Tangio Printed Electronics

Tangio, the Printed Electronics division of Sytek Enterprises Inc, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of standard and custom touch sensing solutions. From simple high-performance "single point" FSR sensors, through to state-of-the-art 3D multi-touch resistive sensors, capacitive sensors, and other novel innovations in printed electronics. Tangio offers unrivalled levels of integration, enabling customers to add value and reduce costs in their supply chain and get new products to market faster. Tangio’s philosophy of “Affordable Innovation” enables OEM’s and Tiers to deploy next generation HMI solutions in their products today. Tangio is a global company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with strategically located internal and partner sites in Europe, SE Asia, and India, supporting a rapidly expanding customer base. For more information go to www.tangio.ca