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Expressive Touch - The many roads to get there

The social evolution of personal computing - ubiquitous touch interfaces - the evolution of our expectations for the interpretation of touch.  These are some heady themes for those that do the deep thinking about what's next for consumer technology, and the rest of us, the manufacturers who want to be there to 'print the future' are like the amped-up shortstop, ready to catch that line drive down the middle.

At Tangio Printed Electronics, we are excited when we see a push toward expressive input, regardless of the heady themes that may have got us here.  It shows that the concept is hitting the mainstream.  What designers are doing with new literal and figurative *depth* to work with, remains to be seen, as products are developed in relative secrecy...flying under the radar, and then magically appearing at CES.  Who knows what we will see this January?
We seem to walk a relatively untrodden path when we talk about force sensing and expressive touch. Up until now, we have rarely see and hear people talking about the same things we love to talk about.  When you meet another traveler on that path, it is truly exciting to hear what they have to say.  That's why we were jumping-up-and-down thrilled to hear about Geoff Walker (@TouchExpert) and his talk at the 2015 China FPD Conference.  Check out his slide deck here.  Exciting stuff.  This is everything we want for the future of expressive touch...it's where we see the future going.  
Well met, fellow traveler(s)! Hope to see a few more of you from time to time as we walk down the path of force sensing and expressive touch in consumer electronics.


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