I felt much lighter after changing.
Hello~ I think the snow on the streets melted a lot because it's warmer than other days. I hope it's warm just like today, but it's going to get cold again after the rain, so make sure to dress well and be careful not to catch a cold! I'm having a really nice Friday because […]

Hello~ I think the snow on the streets melted a lot because it's warmer than other days. I hope it's warm just like today, but it's going to get cold again after the rain, so make sure to dress well and be careful not to catch a cold! I'm having a really nice Friday because it's warm even after I got a massage. I met a veteran supervisor at the Goyang Aroma Massage Shop, so I'm really tired!

Holic, which I visited, is located near Gurae Station. I brought my car, but it was possible to park in the building, so I was able to visit comfortably without having to park my head. The Aroma massage shop is open from noon to 3 a.m. When I turn off the alarm, it's either a break or a random break, so it'd be nice! Pre-booking calls are mandatory.

The inside of the Goyang massage shop was quiet, clean and cozy. It's neither too bright nor too dark, so it's not burdensome, and furniture and unique props decorated with Ratan caught the eye. The size of the store is large, so I like it because it's not stuffy.

Before I entered the Goyang massage shop, I could enter after checking my hand sanitation and body temperature and filling out my visiting diary.

There is a spray that can disinfect clothes separately, so I disinfected it as a whole. The aroma massage shop said that customers were getting reservations to prevent coronal infections, so I was able to relax and get a massage with the corona.

They gave me a warm Louis-Boss tea. It was nice to meet you at the cat aroma massage shop that I usually drink. Louis Voss helps blood circulation and helps skin condition and sleep well.

When the cat massage manager gives me 은평건마 a cup of tea, he explains the effectiveness of the tea and it's good to enjoy the tea more properly.

While drinking tea, I heard about the program at the aroma massage shop. It was divided into basic and special courses. Basic course A cost 100,000 won, course B 90 minutes 130,000 won, course C 2 hours 160,000 won, special course A 1 hour 120,000 won, course B 90 minutes 150,000 won, course C 2 hours 200,000 won, and course D course 3 hours and 300,000 won.

I headed to the dressing room to change my clothes. The Goyang massage shop has a longer locker than other shops, making it easier to store heavy or long clothes. Also, the luggage was divided so that it could be stored separately in the locker, so it was perfect for storing heavy luggage or bulky bags.

The Goyang Aroma Massage Manager prepared my change of care suit in the dressing room in advance. It was a really good fit to wear when you get a massage because it was well-washed and has a large size. I felt much lighter after changing into a comfortable maintenance suit.

There were air purifiers installed throughout the shop. It's really hard to ventilate when the fine dust is as bad as it is these days. There is an air purifier in the Aroma massage shop, so you can get a refreshing massage while breathing clean air without ventilation, which makes me feel much more comfortable.

To get a foot bath, the Korean massage manager in Goyang washed my feet clean. I like getting a massage and have received a lot of it, but I still don't think I'm getting used to this course.It's ticklish and embarrassing. But I think it's really nice to feel refreshed after receiving it.

The cat Aroma massage manager released a mild-scented foot bath. The scent that comes up whenever you shake your feet makes your mind calm down. I just dipped my feet in warm water like this, but I think it's amazing how blood circulates all over my body and warms I don't know how long it's been since I've been feeling tired from the winter wind melting my frozen body.

There were a lot of rooms at the aroma massage shop on my way to get treatment. There were many different types of rooms, single rooms, double rooms, and group rooms, so any type of guest could receive a private massage together. I think it'll be good to come with all your friends next time.

She's giving me a cat swaddish massage. She saw my back bent and asked if my back and neck hurt a lot. Then, he accurately developed my usual bad habits. You know, it's like a fortune-teller just checking my condition.

Because of the wrong posture, you loosened your muscles. He's a very heavy person, and when he's a little sick, he's been talking a lot about it, and he's been comfortable the whole time he got it from the head manager of the Aroma Massage Shop, and he's really good at controlling his pressure.

But you don't just rub it with your hands. You do it by hand. You did it for 2 hours with an aroma massage. It felt completely different after receiving it. The price is a bit high, but it was a well-priced management with this skill like this.

The shower room was clean without any dirt or hair. I could feel that Goyang massage shop is a shop that cares a lot about hygiene. The products needed to take a shower were prepared, so it was enough to enjoy a refreshing shower.
We had all the necessary products for aftercare. Everything seems to be in the Aroma Massage Shop, except it's not in it.

After receiving a sincere massage, I was able to get a good night's sleep, which had been delayed for a long time. I hope you can get the massage where it's worth it! Visit the Aroma Massage Shop in Goyang and experience the skills of the veteran manager.

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