It was carried out by circulating the whole body’s blood by pressing it with a know-how of 30 years’ experience.
Before we start, I'm going to show you my mitral muscle.Post a review of Pangyo Massage because I miss it so much today!Visit to Pangyo Shalom Massage from the director with 30 years of experience.​The weather gets very cold, so I keep putting strength on my shoulders and curl my body forward. Everybody knows that […]

Before we start, I'm going to show you my mitral muscle.

Post a review of Pangyo Massage because I miss it so much today!

Visit to Pangyo Shalom Massage from the director with 30 years of experience.

The weather gets very cold, so I keep putting strength on my shoulders and curl my body forward. Everybody knows that you're in a good position, but... It's really hard to keep a straight posture in life ㅠㅠ Moreover, after making kimchi, I started to feel uncomfortable here and there. Especially my chronic pain, shoulder muscle. It was hard to feel the heavy feeling of at least a hundred pyro bears on the shoulders, so I went to Pangyo Charlotte Massage, which is said to relieve muscles well with God's sex ratio near my house.

It was quite easy to find because it was on the fifth floor of the building opposite Abneuf.

Nowadays, I searched Pangyo massage because young people are sick and want to visit more specialized massage before going to the hospital, and Pangyo Shalom had a lot of reviews, and 강남 건마 Geumgwang Dongsa Temple, which I have known for a long time, believed that it was a place where my sister often visits my brother-in-law. In my case, I made a reservation the day before, but I couldn't make a reservation at the time I wanted, so I could visit right away.

It is located on the 5th floor of the building, so I went up by elevator.

I visited many places with honest price signs and signs that said they would give discounts during the daytime.

Located in Sampyeong-dong, it is famous for being good at chalom Chinese traditional horse-riding, and it was also a place where Merritt, who has 30 years of experience, can be directly managed by the director, even though the management was less than 100,000 won.

I like massage, so I've had a lot of acupressure massage, but it's my first time doing a mild massage, so I looked for it a little bit.

"Hard Blood Massage" is called a "Hard Blood Massage" that accurately finds and presses 361 blood cells flowing in our bodies, and it is said to have the effect of pressing deeper than acupressure and releasing nerves. Both can be received by the face and body, but both are similar but different.

Pangyo Light Blood Massage

Break the mitral muscle.

When I went inside first, it was quiet and Eun-eun's lighting and the manager welcomed me. I asked for permission to take a picture of the dumpling log and took it all over the store.
I called earlier than the reservation.

You were working hard inside.

With the supervisor's guidance, I'll take off my clothes first.

I decided to take a foot bath and wait for my time.

I put the green bath in the hot water.

I got tired from the cold and the feeling of my feet melting.Haha

Take a hot foot bath and take a selfie.

In fact, it's the Lonarona era, so being managed.

I was careful.

It's not a facial care.

I can get it without taking it off.

I felt relieved.

I spent my time bathing in the foot bath.

A diploma on the wall? Certificate? I saw something like that.

I took it like this.

I'll get a mitral sclerosis later.

I asked the director myself,

I studied at the Japanese Spine School in 1988.

He said he got a professional license.

In the '80s, people couldn't travel abroad as much as they wanted! TMI of greater confidence in

After the foot bath, two beds were placed in the management room, which was guided. It was convenient to have a locker where it was managed, so it was convenient not to move the place, and the lighting brightness of the room was also adjusted according to taste.

First, I fell on the bed and consulted with the director.

He asked me if I was sick or particularly uncomfortable, and I said that my neck and shoulders seemed to be very tight, and when I pressed my whole body, I started to tell him in detail what I usually felt uncomfortable about.

I thought it felt like a lump in my neck and shoulders.

My hands and feet are usually cold and swollen, and the causes that made my body feel heavy, so I thought the director should put a mat on it!I was surprised and started receiving Pangyo massage in earnest.

What was so interesting was that they simply pressed down on the back part of the back, but it took less strength to lift the neck down, and it felt light and soft.

Before you actually press the blood clot,

Repeat clenching and stretching your bare fists, following the instructions from the director.

After the doctor gave me a lot of pressure on my blood,

He gave me his bare fist again. Finn's feeling different.

It was the first time such a management has been done, and it has been very little has been done.

Actually, I used to get a traditional Chinese massage.

It just hurts like a sports massage.

The day after I received it, it was more exhausting and hard... in that memory

I thought it was a Chinese massage = accompanied by pain.

Take care of yourself so that it doesn't hurt at all.

The feeling of holding the body shape and pain was very cool.

Is this what know-how comes from 30 years of experience?It was a comfortable and cool massage, so the satisfaction was high.

Seung-mo-geun was not only given shoulder and seung-mo-geun massage due to discomfort, but was carried out by circulating blood from head to toe by pressing the whole body's blood with know-how of 30 years' experience.

My hands and feet are swollen because of poor blood circulation, and when I sit with my dad's legs, I felt pain because I got numbness in my legs faster than other people. I felt this part was improved. I felt that my back went down to my back and checked my body's symmetry and my kidneys. ㅠㅠ

This was a place where I really had to come with my mom.

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