Thai-controlled 건마
Maybe it's because I crouched in the cold, but I've gotten a lot stiff.I can't go out to exercise often.I couldn't visit the sauna or the corona virus in the gym, so I felt like my body was very tight.Exercising muscles, you should warm up some I don't.I visited Yeoksam-dong Massage Newtai near my company.There […]

Maybe it's because I crouched in the cold, but I've gotten a lot stiff.

I can't go out to exercise often.

I couldn't visit the sauna or the corona virus in the gym, so I felt like my body was very tight.

Exercising muscles, you should warm up some I don't.

I visited Yeoksam-dong Massage Newtai near my company.

There are many body care shops in Yeoksam Station, New Thai is a Thai-style care center.

If you have parking space, you can park in front of the building.

If I call the store and ask if I can park, they'll check right away.

I don't prefer a massage shop on the basement floor, but I'm relieved because it's a clean place.

It is decorated to give off a Thai feel from the entrance.

I feel a little exotic when I enter.

It was nice to go there during the daytime on weekdays, but you have to make a reservation on weekends or in the afternoon because of the geographical features of Yeoksam Station.

I went to Yeoksam-dong Massage New Thai in time for the reservation, so they guided me right away.

I think there's a man at the information desk at some point, and a woman at some point.

I can flinch if there is a man, but I entered comfortably because he has a clean impression.

How kind of you!

It's an automatic lock system, but the employee leaves the door open at the sound of the customer coming.

The inside is bigger than I thought.

There's a seat to stand by the way.

There is a single room and a double room, and I think it would be good to get a couple 건마 massage.

There are many places where there is a small space for one person, but there is not much space for one person.

The interior is decorated with a dreary atmosphere, and the spotlights for the decorations in between make the Thai style stand out.

When I was dating the groom, I loved the massage date course very much, but after the children were born, each of them went to take care of themselves.

Someone has to take care of the baby. I think it's been a long time since we went to get a massage together.

At Yeoksam Station, if you want to go on a date, you can only have a meal, tea, or drink. I think this massage date course would be great.

I'm the one who strongly recommends a massage date.

There are two courses, dry and aroma courses.

I chose dry food because I wanted to focus on stretching my muscles.

Aroma relaxes your body gently, but dryness presses down with intensive care.

Depending on my physical condition, I can choose differently.

Let's change first.

Women need to take off their underwear to get a massage.

I heard that you'll give me a foot bath first, so I changed into the underwear you gave me.

The foot bath is far from the room. It's embarrassing to take off my underwear and move on.

The massage foot bath in Yeoksam-dong can accommodate 3 people at the same time.

They prepare a wide range of warm tea and cool drinks so that you can enjoy tea when you take a foot bath.

Put your feet in warm water and enjoy tea time for a while.

They also prepared a pack for you to put on your shoulders to keep your shoulders warm.

Service with details~!!

Can just lie down and now moved back to room care.

They don't feel cold and turn on the heater while I'm being taken care of, but the bed is hot and I feel tired.

Care shops that receive aromatherapy often have slippery beds or floors.

It means you don't clean up thoroughly.

However, New Thai, Yeoksam Station massage shop, was good because it was not slippery.

The dryness of the towel without smell.

Those who take care of me and those who take care of me wear masks.

You'd better wear a mask that's easy to breathe. I guess it's because I'm on my stomach.

It's dry, so you press it hard at first, but the pressure is stronger than I thought... Should I ask him to make it weak? I thought a lot about it.

Thai people, if you ask me to do it weakly, the pressure gets low and there are a lot of people who are gentle.

When I pressed the warm-up button for the first time, I had a lot of pressure. I would have been disappointed if I asked you to be gentle.

When you relax your muscles one by one, you take care of them with proper pressure so that they don't hurt. It's so cool. crying

You ask me in advance where I want to get intensive care when I take a foot bath.

Maybe it's because my shoulders and back hurt, but they focused on that part.

Someone asked, "Pass OK?" Thai massage uses a pas-flavored cream.

I love the pastry cream, so he put a lot of cool cream on my back and took care of my back.

My shoulders were tight. But after being taken care of by New Thai, I got relaxed.

I couldn't help but warm up because you used your whole body to keep me cool

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