Getting massaged in the body and skin.
Maybe it's because I don't usually have a good posture.These days, I've been building up muscles.When I was there, I felt a lot of back pain.I have a lot of sitting and working hours.It's all about posture. It's all the more time goes on.I think it's getting worse, and it's constantly getting better.I thought it […]

Maybe it's because I don't usually have a good posture.
These days, I've been building up muscles.
When I was there, I felt a lot of back pain.
I have a lot of sitting and working hours.
It's all about posture. It's all the more time goes on.
I think it's getting worse, and it's constantly getting better.
I thought it would be nice to get Ilsan massage.
If you relieve your stress while you're at it,
I thought it would be good in many ways.

That's why I'm looking at the massage shop with the best reviews.
Professional to fit Korean 춘천마사지 body type while looking for
He's good at doing Ilsan massage and proofreading.
I'm thinking about going after the reviews.
I came to visit, and as a result, it was very, very, very…
I'm satisfied. I'm sure you'll have similar concerns.
Posting to share information with you guys.
I'm doing it.

The place I visited was Jeongbalsan.
It was bright-handed body and skin.
This is how it is now.
I couldn't help but be careful.
Fortunately, this is cleanliness management from the open.
It's being managed all the time until the deadline.

The store was nice because it was spacious and comfortable.
Of course, hand sanitization, even thermal check.
It's done in order.
Disinfectant from elevator to cabin
It's everywhere, so you can use it.
It was good, but every inch of the store was meticulous.
They care about hygiene and cleanliness, such as disinfection.
I felt comfortable with him.
Take care of your skin in addition to the Ilsan massage.
He's here, and he's a professional janitor like Dayot.
He said he could get it.

Before we get a full-fledged massage.
First of all, where is the inconvenience?
Where you need it, and so on.
I wrote a consultation and a list.
It's my first time here, so I'm going to take the course.
Even when choosing, I get recommendations from an employee.
I chose the service that I need.
I've also met a janitor who's gonna be in charge of me.
Starting with the director, the janitor here.
All of you have 10 years of experience.
There were only veterans.
I think that's why I felt more trustworthy.

Before I change my clothes and get a massage,
I decided to take a foot bath.
It's to relax a little by little.
Warmly increase body temperature to facilitate blood circulation
It also helps you do it.
During the conversion, set the water to the right temperature in advance.
You just have to dip your feet in because you have to take it.
A fragrant t-shirt to relax as much as possible.
He gave me a sip and a little relaxation.
I enjoyed the foot massage gracefully while enjoying it.

I was thinking about getting it in my private room.
It's a deserted time zone, and the sun is shining.
It's too warm in the hall.
I asked you because I liked it, and fortunately, I was very happy.
He said it was okay, so I lied down on the bed.
Sunbathing with a big window in front of you
It's so nice that the sun came in well.
Turns out it doesn't have direct sunlight like a skin room.
Rooms with lots of good stuff, windows like this.
It's not big, but most of the other things,
The rooms have cool windows, so it feels good to open.
Even the guests who come during the day don't feel stuffy.
They say they like it like me.

You're gonna feel better if you're sick.
I put up with it, but it wasn't a good thing.
The reason why I realized it was because of the manager's unity.
Make sure your muscles are relaxed and chiropractic.
It's because they even did stretching.
This alone really makes me feel lighter.
It feels like this is why constant management is so important.
I knew it was a must.
I regretted why I didn't come earlier!

I prefer the pressure is a little strong.
I've been given by the weak hands.
But I didn't feel like I was cared for.
I didn't even feel refreshed.
But I don't like to press hard.
Once you get a massage, sometimes you get muscle pain.
It was because there was no coolness.
So I didn't feel satisfied every time.
The person who did the Ilsan massage is not good.
It was so nice to know and release it soon.
Ask me the pressure in between, and my pelvis.
You're gonna take the wrong ones, and then you're gonna get the wrong ones.
You've been working on it, and you've seen the effects of proofreading.
It was amazing that the snow melted away.

If you want to untangle something that's too tight, you'll only untangle it in one.
It doesn't work out. It's neck-to-waist.
You have to loosen the parts thoroughly to get a good posture.
When I'm alone at home, I just don't want to get sick.
It's not cool even if you let it go little by little.
There wasn't, but they all had a reason.
There was a reason why I chose this place.
Celebrities and art students massage frequently.
You're a good enough place to come to receive it's a good place.
It was because I saw it a lot.

You know, it's just a word of mouth, and it's a lot of pain.
You massage the parts like tweezers.
I felt like my stomach was stiff and relieved.
Sometimes I'm not sure exactly where it hurts.
There was a problem here, and that's all.
I was very satisfied that I could solve it.
I'm gonna bring my parents this weekend.
I think I'm done talking!
I can see why you are famous and popular.
It's okay for friends and lovers to come in a double room.
It's good to spend it privately.

It is said that there are a lot of toxins in the body.
Most of them can't be discharged, so if they're stacked,
It appears to be a skin or immune system problem.
It's a steady Ilsan massage, and it's going to take away all the waste in your body.
Stimulates lymph and blood to release it.
If you help circulation, you can see positive results.
It's almost time to end it, but I feel like I'm going to…
It was the same, but it was mean that it was already over.

Thanks to your meticulous skills and kindness,
I think it was time to rest.
The next day after I got the Ilsan massage, I really…
It was better because I could sleep well.
In a differently refreshed body, on time.
I could have gotten up right away.
I'm regularly off on Mondays here.
You can visit any other day of the week.
It's perfect for those of you who don't have time on weekdays.
I think it's a good place.
It's cost-effectiveness, so I'm going to be able to do
Good for those who need to take care of their health.
I thought it was a place.

It's a time when the body and mind are constantly getting tired.
Fatigue accumulated after receiving cool Ilsan massage
Why don't you relieve your stress?
I'm going to visit you regularly in the future!
For those of you who want to get the right massage,
Bright hand body and skin massage.
I highly recommend it.

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